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A Taste of… Cold Hunt

A Taste of... Cold hunt Chapter OneNo!”His girlfriend’s terrified voice woke Ben Brooks from a dreamless sleep.Pain shot through his back muscles, and he cursed the hardness of his mattress.Flinching

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A Taste of… Cold Truth

A Taste of... Cold truth Chapter OneDark.Damp.Cold.Tabitha forced her eyes open.Joyful humming was like a whisper, and Tabitha fought to locate the source. He was there, in the corner, puttering

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A Taste of…Winter’s Storm

A Taste of... Winter's storm Chapter OneBefore he stepped off the packed earth trail, Jackson Fisher cast a paranoid glance around the clearing. Though the moon was almost full, a handful of clouds

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A Taste of… Deadly Silence

A Taste of... deadly silence Chapter OneSeptember 1975… Patricia Hastings fixed her traditional white nursing cap over her stick-straight blonde locks before jumping into her little Dodge Dart.

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A Taste of… Deadly Dreams

A Taste of... deadly dreams Chapter OneKeep your head about you, Beez. Just a little longer.As Beatrice Crosby admonished herself, she put money on her little lost lamb being around the next bend.It

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A Taste of…Winter’s Web

A Taste of... Winter's web Chapter OneAs Nathaniel Arkwell stepped out of the garage and eased the door closed behind himself, he noticed right away that the house was far quieter than usual. Turning

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A Taste of…Deadly Games

A Taste of... deadly Games Chapter OneKylie Hatfield sat back in her office chair and stretched her aching back. She felt like she was eighty instead of twenty-four. It wasn’t even six o’clock

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A Taste of…Winter’s Secret

A Taste of... Winter's secret Chapter OneHorror movies always made Natalie nervous, especially if she watched them late at night. Though she assured herself that the unease wouldn’t follow her

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A Taste of…Deadly Lies

A Taste of... deadly lies Chapter OneThe colors weren’t right.Frustrated, Arnold Jennings tossed the pallet of paint onto the long table at his side. They hadn’t been right for days. Maybe he

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A Taste of…Winter’s Ghost

A Taste of... Winter's Ghost Chapter OneTyler Haldane grimaced as the sheriff’s deputy fastened the final strap of his Kevlar vest. As he tried to take in a deep breath, his ribs were constricted

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