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A Taste of… Winters Sturm

Ein Vorgeschmack auf... Winters Sturm Erstes KapitelBevor er vom Waldwanderweg abwich, sah Jackson Fisher sich furchtsam auf der Lichtung um. Der Mond war zwar beinahe voll, doch einige Wolken hatten

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A Taste of… Killer Smile

A Taste of... Killer Smile Chapter One“I’m an idiot.”Benji Kopp had made a big mistake. He’d figured that starting his run at sunset would be enough to beat Tennessee’s June heat and that

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A Taste of… Storm’s Revenge

A Taste of... Storm's Revenge Chapter OneOne more.With her palms flat against the floor, Michelle Timmer straightened her back, gritted her teeth, and lowered herself until her chin met the cool

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A Taste of… Cold Heart

A Taste of... Cold Heart Chapter OneA ghostly whiff of coffee sailed past Cheyenne Valdez’s nose as she sipped her mojito. During the day, The Grind was a quiet little cafe that sold lattes, espressos,

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A Taste of… Winters Netz

Ein Vorgeschmack auf... Winters Netz Erstes KapitelAls Nathaniel Arkwell aus der Garage trat und die Tür hinter sich schloss, fiel ihm auf, dass es im Haus ruhiger war als gewöhnlich. Er sperrte

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A Taste of… Dark Malice

A Taste of... Dark Malice Chapter OneCandace Redding tapped her pen against the front of her notebook like windshield wipers during a downpour. The black ink began to blur in the pen’s clear casing,

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A Taste of… Autumn’s Trap

A Taste of... Autumn's Trap Chapter OneTick. Tick. Tick.The sound of the wall clock in Ms. Pasinski’s office seemed to thunder in Sarah Nichol’s ears while simultaneously grating on her nerves.

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A Taste of… Storm’s Nightmare

A Taste of... Storm's Nightmare Chapter One“Be safe, hon!”Sammie Howard smiled and waved goodbye to Diane Beischel, the manager behind the counter of the convenience store Sammie worked several

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A Taste of… Winters Geheimnis

Ein Vorgeschmack auf... Winters Geheimnis Erstes KapitelHorrorfilme machten Natalie immer unruhig, besonders wenn sie sie spät am Abend schaute. Obwohl sie sich gut zuredete, dass der Schrecken

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A Taste of… Dark Power

A Taste of... Dark Power Chapter OneHeavy breaths echoed off the dark red brick of the alleyway as Jefferson Brown ran as fast as his arthritic legs would carry him. His own exhalations were all

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