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A Taste of… Shadow’s Captive

A Taste of... Shadow's Captive Chapter OneToday was going to be the best day of her life. Sylvie just knew it. Even if it was starting off to be a snoozefest of epic proportions.“Heavenly girth

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A Taste of… Killer Memo

A Taste of... Killer Memo Chapter OneWhat the hell was I thinking?Darkness and boredom surrounded Deputy Carlos Guerrero, causing him to ponder the majority of his life choices. Especially his most

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A Taste of… Killer Spirit

A Taste of... Killer Spirit Chapter OneReese Wilder yanked down the zipper of her cheerleading bag and pushed her damp skort and canvas shoes inside. Despite the late hour and the gym’s cool air,

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A Taste of… Killer Shot

A Taste of... Killer Shot Chapter One“What the hell did I do?”Troy Harvey’s first thought upon waking was that he must have been arrested and thrown in the drunk tank from hell. Concrete,

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A Taste of… Killer Style

A Taste of... Killer Style Chapter OneI’m going to die.Kati Marsh’s chest ached. Her breath scraped the inside of her throat, and the muscles in her thighs burned. The stitch in her side was

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Taste of… Dark Silence

A Taste of... Dark Silence Chapter OneVictor Layne watched the night sky begin to lighten as the wheels of his bicycle spun against the pavement. Sunrise was only a few minutes away, and if he didn’t

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Taste of… Winter’s Return

A Taste of... Winter's Return Chapter OneBobby Burner dropped a fresh ice cube into his glass of Johnnie Walker and surveyed the spectacle surrounding him. Elite Motors’s annual Halloween party

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A Taste of… Winters Ende

Ein Vorgeschmack auf... Winters Ende Erstes KapitelEs war dunkel.Ich mochte die Dunkelheit nicht. Die Einsamkeit bei Nacht fühlte sich an wie ein lebendiges Wesen. Wenigstens lugte der Mond zu

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A Taste of… Cold Judgment

A Taste of... Cold Judgment Chapter One“Do you have to go tonight?”Omar finished tucking the blanket around his infant son before straightening from the crib to face his wife. He bit back a

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A Taste of… Shadow’s Secret

A Taste of... Shadow's Secret Chapter OnePressing a hand over her mouth, Cassie Leigh attempted to hold back the sobs fighting to escape her throat. She had to be quiet. If she made a sound, she

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