Mary Stone - Shadow's Loss (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 14)

A Taste of… Shadow’s Loss

The path to power is paved with blood. Read the first chapters of Shadow’s Loss, book 14 of the Shadow Island FBI mystery series by Lori Rhodes and Mary Stone. Because in this game, winning might just be the most dangerous result.

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Mary Stone - Prescription for Murder (A Villain’s Story FBI Mystery Series Book 7)

A Taste of… Prescription for Murder 

Read the first chapters of Prescription for Murder, book 7 in the A Villain’s Story FBI mystery series by Mary Stone, a mesmerizing thriller that will make you question the very essence of right and wrong.

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Mary Stone - Journey's Call (Journey Russo FBI Mystery Series Book 1)

A Taste of… Journey’s Call

Journey’s Call is book one of the adrenaline-charged new Journey Russo series by bestselling author Mary Stone, where secrets have lethal consequences, and the pursuit of truth is as dangerous as the secrets themselves.

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Mary Stone - Dark Mask (Charli Cross Mystery Series Book 8)

A Taste of… Dark Mask

Hey little kid, want some candy? Malevolent and nerve-wracking, Dark Mask is the eighth book in the Charli Cross mystery series by Mary Stone and Donna Berdel.

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Mary Stone - Last Hour (Emma Last FBI Mystery Series Book 8)

A Taste of… Last Hour

Special Agent Emma Last is finally ready to confront the ‘Other’ side of her life—the part filled with ghosts that only she can see. However, her supernatural abilities must take a back seat as a real-world crisis demands her urgent attention. Ghosts or not, the clock is ticking

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Mary Stone - Shadow's Escape (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 13)

A Taste of… Shadow’s Escape

When the body of one of the girls is discovered, Rebecca vows to track down the killer before they claim their next victim. She should be campaigning to keep her position as Shadow Island’s sheriff. But the elite and depraved Yacht Club has been preying on the girls of Shadow Island for far too long, and no one has been willing to do anything about it. Until now.

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Mary Stone - Cold Crash (Ellie Kline Psychological Thriller Series Book 13)

A Taste of… Cold Crash

A killer’s vendetta turns eerily personal in Cold Crash. With the line between ally and enemy blurring, Ellie’s quest for the truth turns into a race against a killer determined to keep the past buried.

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Mary Stone - Descent into Madness (A Villain’s Story FBI Mystery Series Book 6)

A Taste of… Descent into Madness

The devil has come to take his dues. Descent into Madness is a grisly thriller that will leave you pondering your own sins…and wondering when the devil might come to collect his due.

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Shadow's Hoax (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 12)

A Taste of… Shadow’s Hoax

Every clue is a countdown. From the intriguing beginning to the electrifying conclusion, Shadow’s Hoax—the twelfth book in the Shadow Island Series by Mary Stone and Lori Rhodes—plays out like a chess match. But in this deadly game, who is the pawn?

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Autumns Chaos - Mary Stone

A Taste of… Autumns Chaos

Schuldgefühle sind ein mächtiges Motiv… Autumns Chaos, der fünfte Band in Mary Stones Autumn-Trent-Serie, ist ein halsbrecherisches Rennen ums Überleben, bei dem Vergebung tödlich ist und Timing alles. Gänsehaut ist garantiert.

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