Mary Stone - Winter's Peak: Winter Black Season Two (Winter Black FBI Mystery Series Book 23)

A Taste of… Winter’s Peak

It’s lonely at the top. And deadly at the bottom. Read the first chapters of Winter’s Peak: Winter Black Season Two. A gripping thriller that will tie you up in knots.

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Mary Stone - Storm's Burn (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 12)

A Taste of… Storm’s Burn

Read the first chapters of Storm’s Burn, book 12 of the Amelia Storm FBI mystery series. Fame has a deadly price. Influencers beware: your next live stream might just be your last.

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Mary Stone - Shadow's Siege (Shadow Island FBI Mystery Series Book 15)

A Taste of… Shadow’s Siege

Read the first chapters of Shadow’s Siege, the tensely climactic fifteenth installment of the Shadow Island FBI mystery series. A chilling reminder that just when you think things can’t get worse, they do.

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Mary Stone - Killer Deal (Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series Book 11)

A Taste of… Killer Deal

Read the first chapters of Killer Deal, book 11 in the pulse-pounding Stella Knox FBI mystery series. It will make you realize all that glitters isn’t gold.

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Mary Stone - Journey's Aim (Journey Russo FBI Mystery Series Book 3)

A Taste of… Journey’s Aim

Read the first chapters of Journey’s Aim, book 3 in the Journey Russo FBI mystery series. Barely twenty-four hours after tracking down a brutal serial killer, Special Agent Journey Russo is thrust into a different kind of hunt.

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