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A Taste of… Last Chance

A Taste of... lAST CHANCE Chapter OneCross-legged and bleary-eyed, Laura Williams stared down at the bills spilling over her lap as she sat on her childhood bed. The dim light from the single overhead

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A Taste of… Shadow’s Mystery

A Taste of... Shadow's MYSTERY Chapter OneIt was only a few days until school started again, and for the first time in three decades, Amy Washington wouldn’t be there to greet the year’s new

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A Taste of… Winter’s Shock

A Taste of... WINTER'S SHOCK Chapter OnePeter Davis ran a hand through his hair, feeling the knot in his stomach tighten as he wiped yet one more name from the ledger. He was staying late at his

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A Taste of… The Hunting Grounds

A Taste of... THE HUNTING GROUNDS Chapter OneTwenty-four-year-old Luca Gaspar laughed and pressed his foot on the gas. It was one of those days when he needed to go fast and feel the wind in his

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A Taste of… Autumn’s Warning

A Taste of... AUTUMN'S WARNING Chapter OneMickey Fletcher slowed his convertible to a crawl and switched off his lights as his home came into view. Tree branches hung over the darkened driveway

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A Taste of… Last Three

A Taste of... lAST THREE Chapter OneTerry Derby swallowed as he took in the picture-perfect cabin on the lake. Frosted shrubs and pavers led to the front porch, where a welcome wreath hung on the

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A Taste of… Shadow’s Conspiracy

A Taste of... Shadow's CONSPIRACY Chapter One“Hail, Mary, full of grace, um, we beseech thee and…and…”Dammit to hell.Catechism had been too long ago, and Chester Able hadn’t had much interest

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A Taste of… Autumns Angst

Ein Vorgeschmack auf... Autumns Angst Erstes KapitelLindsay Welsh vergaß nie etwas. Das war eine Eigenschaft, auf die sie immer stolz gewesen war, und selbst jetzt, da der Geburtstermin näher

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A Taste of… Blood on the Badge

A Taste of... Blood on the Badge Chapter One Loree West’s palm sweated around the rolled-up wad of cash. It wasn’t much, less than two thousand dollars, but it was hers. She’d earned it not

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A Taste of… Last Vendetta

A Taste of... Last VENDETTA Chapter OneThe henhouse door dragged over a puddle of broken ice, scraping away bits of knife-sharp shards as Rosemary Crawford nudged it shut. Whatever noise had awakened

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