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Blood on the Badge is Live!

Hello, dear readers,

It’s time. The new series releases today! This series has been a long time coming. Ever since Justin kidnapped little Timmy, that boy has been living in my head, begging for more of his story to be told! I am so thrilled that it’s finally going out into the world. ❤️️

Today is the Official Release Day for Blood on the Badge (A Villain’s Story: Book One) on Amazon!

Justice Hall is all grown up now, and he has a secret. What is that secret? Oh, you know I’m not going to tell you! You’ll have to find out for yourself. All I’ll say is… it’s a doozy…🤫

If you pre-ordered, grab your Kindle – it’s time to read! 📖

Get your eBook copy now by clicking HERE. Prefer paperback? Click HERE.

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Every villain has a story. Every hero, a dark past.

Justice Hall has secrets. His name is just the beginning.

Born as Timothy Stewart, this twenty-six-year-old rookie detective’s life took an unexpected turn when Justin Black, the serial killer known as The Disciple, brutally murdered his family and groomed him as a child. Out of the wreckage, little Tim reinvented himself, adopting a new identity that eerily echoes his malefactor’s name. A mere coincidence, or an indelible imprint of the past?…Read More