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Last Chance is Live!
One of my absolutely favorite characters, Emma Last, is back again! This time she's sharing her visions with her friend and co-worker. There's more to that bombshell than meets the eye.
A Taste of… Last Chance
Cross-legged and bleary-eyed, Laura Williams stared down at the bills spilling over her lap as she sat on her childhood bed. The dim light from the single overhead bulb spotlighted the red Overdue message stamped across them all. What am I going to do?
Shadow’s Mystery is Live!
Happy release day! Did you grab your copy of Shadow's Mystery (Shadow Island Series: Book Nine) yet? If you pre-ordered, check your Kindle! 😁
A Taste of… Shadow’s Mystery
“Hail, Mary, full of grace, um, we beseech thee and…and…” Dammit to hell. Catechism had been too long ago, and Chester Able hadn’t had much interest in praying since then. Now that he needed to, he couldn’t remember the words, but that didn’t stop him from trying.
Winter’s Shock is Live!
Happy Release Day! I'm thrilled to share that today is the official release day for Winter's Shock (Winter Black Series Season Two: Book Three).
A Taste of… Winter’s Shock
Peter Davis ran a hand through his hair, feeling the knot in his stomach tighten as he wiped yet one more name from the ledger. He was staying late at his office to finish the job and had been at it for hours already, checking and double-checking to make sure every name was removed.