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Autumn's Prize (Autumn Trent Series: Book Eight) by Mary Stone

Not all prizes are gifts...

Special Agent Dr. Autumn Trent is relishing the moments after waking up next to Aiden Parrish when their romantic Sunday morning is cut short by a call from a friend. His niece has disappeared...along with two other teens in a picture-perfect Connecticut community in a case that's as perplexing as it is concerning. The teens are all strong students with privileged upbringings on the verge of graduating high school. Who would want to hurt them? And why?

More importantly...who’s next?

As the investigation expands, it soon becomes clear that there’s more going on in the seemingly idyllic town than anyone realizes—something loathsome and depraved—and the kids of those involved are paying the price for a prize none of them wanted.

When the puppeteer behind the scenes ups the ante, the situation grows deadly. How many will die before Autumn and the team take him down?

Autumn’s Prize, the eighth book in Mary Stone’s Autumn Trent Series, is a gripping and suspenseful peek into depravity that will make you think twice about accepting gifts.

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