Mary Stone - Autumn's Chase (Autumn Trent Series Season Two Book 3)

Autumn’s Chase is Live!

Hello, dear readers,

I’m so pleased to announce that today is release day for Autumn’s Chase (Autumn Trent Series Season Two: Book Three).

If you didn’t pre-order, you can go to Amazon right now to grab your copy of Autumn’s Chase.

Some evils never die… they evolve.

If you pre-ordered, grab your Kindle – it’s time to read! 📖

Get your eBook copy now by clicking HERE and if you prefer paperback, click HERE.

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Some evils never die—they evolve.

FBI Special Agent Autumn Trent is desperate for something to focus on besides the lingering emotional fallout of their last two cases. And the growing distance between her and Aiden Parrish, her supervisor and boyfriend. So when a new case lands on her desk, she jumps at the distraction.

Who knew bloodshed could provide relief?

The case is as gruesomely appalling as it is distracting. Two homeless drug addicts dragged to death by their necks, their bodies throw… Read More