Author Mary Stone
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Autumn's Chaos is live! 

Autumn's Chaos by Mary Stone

Guilt is a powerful motivator...

Less than twenty-four hours after yet another near-death experience, forensic and criminal psychologist Dr. Autumn Trent should be resting and recovering, not back at work. But she has no choice. Her best friend, Special Agent Winter Black, is missing.

So is Winter’s baby brother, Justin...a brutal serial killer.

To make matters worse, Autumn feels responsible for Winter’s disappearance. Plagued by guilt and haunted by the memory of her little brother before he was kidnapped and groomed by The Preacher, Autumn knows that Winter would do anything for Justin. She should have stopped Winter from visiting her brother in the maximum-security treatment program for the criminally insane so soon after his capture.

Could Winter have helped him escape? Or is she his next victim?

Now, Autumn must put aside her guilt to focus on the only thing that matters. They have to find Winter...before it’s too late.

Autumn’s Chaos, the bone-chilling fifth book in Mary Stone’s Autumn Trent Series, is a breakneck race for survival, where forgiveness is deadly and timing is everything.

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