Author Mary Stone
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Autumn's Break by Mary Stone

Welcome to my bedroom, said the spider to her prey.

Forensic and criminal psychologist Dr. Autumn Trent hasn’t had time to unpack her bag before she’s asked to join the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Team on another case. This time, she and the team head north, where a web of deceit and murder is being spun.

Up the east coast, wealthy widowers make easy targets for a team of black widows wishing to feast on juicy bank accounts. But in Passavant Hills, Pennsylvania, money isn’t the only thing one of their spiders desires. Humiliation, revenge, and human blood is on her menu.

Armed with fleeting clues as the number of victims pile up, Autumn is sure of only one thing...unless she and the team can stop her, their spider will suck her sweethearts fatally dry.

And this time, as the team goes undercover, it could be one of their own.

Autumn’s Break, the second book in Mary Stone’s Autumn Trent Series, is a riveting psychological murder mystery that will leave you second-guessing every single person you meet.

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