Mary Stone - Autumn Trent Series, season 2
Autumn's Deceit - Autumn Trent Series Season Two Book 1

BOOK 1 - Autumn's deceit


Welcome to the nightmare…

To Special Agent Autumn Trent, it feels like déjà vu when a four-year-old boy appears on the front steps of FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit with a package taped to his chest and a note for “Agent Parrish and his superhero team.” After all, it seems like just yesterday her best friend Special Agent Winter Black was strapped in an explosive vest among a crowd of unsuspecting civilians.

But instead of a bomb, the package holds a hand-drawn map and the cling-wrapped heart of the boy’s mother. And instead of Winter’s deranged brother, they’re dealing with an equally demented madwoman who poses just as much threat to the entire Richmond team… Read More

Autumn's Warning - Autumn Trent Series Season Two Book 2

BOOK 2 - autumn's warning


The sins of the father are past due.

Still reeling from the nightmarish case that plunged each member of the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit into their own personal hell, Special Agent Autumn Trent and her team welcome the distraction when they’re asked to investigate a brutal murder. At least this assignment is someone else’s nightmare.

And it’s a horrific one… Read More