Mary Stone - Amelia Storm Series
Storm's Awakening (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Prequel)

prequel - storm's awakening


Not all storms will pass.

A decade ago, Amelia Storm left her hometown of Chicago, escaping into the protective embrace of the military. There, she grew strong as she licked the wounds inflicted by the Passarellis, one of the city’s most dangerous crime families. A family she both loved and hated… Read More

Storm's Fury (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 1)

BOOK 1 - storm's fury


Some storms destroy. Others clear a path.

Military veteran Amelia Storm returns to her hometown of Chicago when her beloved police officer brother is killed in the line of duty. Now she is a special agent with the FBI. No longer a scared girl, she vows to avenge her brother and do what she can to end the city’s deep wells of corruption.

A television documentary puts a spotlight on a four-year-old kidnapping. Amelia and her colleagues in the Organized Crime Division know there’s more to the girl’s case than meets the eye… Read More

Storm's Peril (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 2)

BOOK 2 - storm's peril


Knowledge is (power) peril…

In a city as large as Chicago, the wicked never sleep. When an undocumented migrant teenager goes missing, military veteran and Special Agent Amelia Storm teams up with her partner to take down what could be the most shocking forced labor and sex trafficking ring her hometown has ever seen.

The case reeks of mafia involvement, but even with an investigative reporter as an informant, there’s little in the way of leads. Suspicions cast a wide web, and the stakes climb when the boy’s sister and their journalist informant also disappear. Still, no one is talking, and every second counts if they hope to find them alive… Read More

Storm's Cage (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 3)

BOOK 3 - storm's cage


Secrets locked away in cages can’t tell stories…

After military veteran turned FBI agent Amelia Storm and her partner Zane bust a child porn ring run by one of Chicago’s premier mob families, two of the four men involved are dead—one by his own hand, the second by Amelia’s. A third is in jail awaiting trial… if he lives that long.

The fourth man caught on camera taking advantage of helpless children is still a mystery, though they’ve learned one important thing about him… he’s a detective in the Chicago Police Department. Soon, they learn he’ll do anything to keep his secret safe… Read More

Storm's Ruin (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 4)

BOOK 4 - storm's ruin


The road to ruin is paved with deception…

U.S. Senator Stan Young has more skeletons in his closet than a centuries-old graveyard…and more power than a nuclear blast. When Ben Storey, the city councilman running against the incumbent senator, uncovers damning evidence against Young, he decides to take the information to the only person with the resources to pursue it—Amelia Storm… Read More

Storm's Wrath (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 5)

BOOK 5 - storm's wrath


Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned…or determined to stop a killer.

Several weeks after being set up for a crime she didn’t commit and almost being killed by a fellow FBI agent in the process, Amelia Storm is ready for a new assignment. But nothing could have prepared her for what lies ahead—a spate of brutal killings so unusual the Organized Crime agent and her partner have no choice but to team up with members of Violent Crimes.

When three dismembered bodies are discovered, all evidence points to a madman…especially when a nineteen-year-old goes missing. There’s something more to the case, though. A father. A child. Scattered body parts… Read More

Storm's Rite (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 6)

BOOK 6 - storm's rite


Last chance or last rites?

When the corpse of a drug dealer turned federal informant is fished out of Lake Michigan, Special Agent Amelia Storm knows it’s more than just a drug deal gone bad. Not only is the body hideously mutilated and the blood drained, but a number has been carved into the victim’s chest.

And he isn’t the only one… Read More

Storm's Justice (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 7)

BOOK 7 - storm's justice


Taking justice into your own hands can be deadly…

After receiving a mysterious note from the man claiming to be her brother’s confidential informant, Special Agent Amelia Storm decides to trust fellow agent Zane Palmer with the truth. But as Amelia tells Zane about her murdered brother’s activities and her own ties to the mafia world, they’re called into work. A federal judge, along with her husband and daughter, have been murdered execution-style. The case reeks of mafia involvement, but several aspects of the case hint at something more personal… Read More

Storm's Nightmare (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 8)

BOOK 8 - storm's nightmare


Some nightmares never end…

When a confidential informant hands FBI Agent Amelia Storm the flash drive containing the information he gave her brother Trevor before he was killed, Amelia realizes she’s holding a time bomb waiting to explode. Especially when its contents reveal the extent to which the senator on the FBI’s radar has infiltrated Chicago’s law enforcement system… Read More

Storm's Revenge (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 9)

BOOK 9 - storm's revenge


Revenge is sweet. But justice is sweeter.

Seven months ago, one of the FBI’s own went missing without a trace. The forensic analyst was smart and beautiful, and she had been dating Joseph Larson…the same man who’d been working with the Chicago PD to investigate the young woman’s missing persons case. The same man who’d just been forced to resign from the Bureau.

Something’s terribly wrong, FBI Special Agent Amelia Storm knows it in her gut. But knowing and proving are two very different things… Read More

Storm's Cut (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 10)

BOOK 10 - storm's cut


The first cut is the deepest.

Murderers never take a break, so when the body of a twenty-nine-year-old middle school gym teacher is discovered, Special Agents Amelia Storm and Zane Palmer are called in to help the Violent Crimes Division with one of their most puzzling cases to date. Because this isn’t just a random crime…

It’s far more bizarre.

The latest victim is the fifth to be found dumped in a rural area south of Chicago. The victims have little in common, except one thing…their internal organs have been removed with a precision that only a surgeon could achieve… Read More


Hunting season is open, and humans are the game.

In her new role with the Bureau’s Violent Crime Unit, Special Agent Amelia Storm is ready to focus on new types of crimes—ones that aren’t mob related. She didn’t, however, expect her first case to take her to rural Illinois, where the tranquil waters of Lake Henry have been guarding a grim secret.

Three corpses…and that’s just the beginning… Read More


Fame has a deadly price. 

Special Agent Amelia Storm, a seasoned FBI veteran, thought stepping away from the Organized Crime Unit and its mafia entanglements would lead to less complex and dangerous cases. She was wrong. Now in the Violent Crimes Division, Amelia is haunted by a chilling pattern that mirrors mob brutality.

Murder as a message.

How else can she explain why this serial killer murders everyone in the home but leaves the victim alive…and horrifically disfigured by acid? Read More