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Archive Monthly Archives: June 2022

Dark Silence is Live!

Dark Silence is live! Hello, dear readers,Charli #5 is live!I'm happy to announce that it is Release Day for Dark Silence (Charli Cross Series: Book Five).Donna and I gave Charli and team drive-by

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Taste of… Dark Silence

A Taste of... Dark Silence Chapter OneVictor Layne watched the night sky begin to lighten as the wheels of his bicycle spun against the pavement. Sunrise was only a few minutes away, and if he didn’t

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Winter’s Return is Live!

Winter's Return is live! Happy Release Day!Yes, Winter is back in Winter's Return (Winter Black Series: Book Ten)! I'm sure you want to get your hands on this book and find out what she's up to

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Taste of… Winter’s Return

A Taste of... Winter's Return Chapter OneBobby Burner dropped a fresh ice cube into his glass of Johnnie Walker and surveyed the spectacle surrounding him. Elite Motors’s annual Halloween party

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