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Archive Monthly Archives: April 2022

A Taste of… Shadow’s Secret

A Taste of... Shadow's Secret Chapter OnePressing a hand over her mouth, Cassie Leigh attempted to hold back the sobs fighting to escape her throat. She had to be quiet. If she made a sound, she

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A Taste of… Winters Sturm

Ein Vorgeschmack auf... Winters Sturm Erstes KapitelBevor er vom Waldwanderweg abwich, sah Jackson Fisher sich furchtsam auf der Lichtung um. Der Mond war zwar beinahe voll, doch einige Wolken hatten

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Killer Smile is Live!

Killer SMile is live! Happy Release Day!I know you've been curious about my new co-author, Stacy O'Hare, and today is the day you get to find out why I'm so thrilled to be working with her!According

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A Taste of… Killer Smile

A Taste of... Killer Smile Chapter One“I’m an idiot.”Benji Kopp had made a big mistake. He’d figured that starting his run at sunset would be enough to beat Tennessee’s June heat and that

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