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Archive Monthly Archives: January 2022

Autumn’s Trap is Live!

Autumn's Trap is live! Traps are meant to be deadly...will someone die in this one?The pieces of FBI Special Agent Autumn Trent’s life are finally coming together. Her relationship with SSA Aiden

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A Taste of… Autumn’s Trap

A Taste of... Autumn's Trap Chapter OneTick. Tick. Tick.The sound of the wall clock in Ms. Pasinski’s office seemed to thunder in Sarah Nichol’s ears while simultaneously grating on her nerves.

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Storm’s Nightmare is Live!

Storm's Nightmare is live! Some nightmares never end...When a confidential informant hands FBI Agent Amelia Storm the flash drive containing the information he gave her brother Trevor before he

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A Taste of… Storm’s Nightmare

A Taste of... Storm's Nightmare Chapter One“Be safe, hon!”Sammie Howard smiled and waved goodbye to Diane Beischel, the manager behind the counter of the convenience store Sammie worked several

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Winters Geheimnis ist live!

Winters Geheimnis ist live!  Manche Geheimnisse tun weh, andere können töten …Der Preacher ist tot, der Fall gelöst, doch nun wird Special Agent Winter Black anscheinend von ihrem verschollenen

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A Taste of… Winters Geheimnis

Ein Vorgeschmack auf... Winters Geheimnis Erstes KapitelHorrorfilme machten Natalie immer unruhig, besonders wenn sie sie spät am Abend schaute. Obwohl sie sich gut zuredete, dass der Schrecken

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