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Archive Monthly Archives: November 2021

Storm’s Justice is Live!

Storm's Justice is live! Taking justice into your own hands can be deadly...After receiving a mysterious note from the man claiming to be her brother’s confidential informant, Special Agent Amelia

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A Taste of… Storm’s Justice

A Taste of... Storm's Justice Chapter OneKate Denson hurried down the sidewalk, only slowing her pace when she reached the wooden stairs of the front porch. Her breath came in white puffs, and thanks

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Autumn’s Prize is Live!

Autumn's Prize is live!  Not all prizes are gifts...Special Agent Dr. Autumn Trent is relishing the moments after waking up next to Aiden Parrish when their romantic Sunday morning is cut short

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A Taste of… Autumn’s Prize

A Taste of... Autumn's Prize Chapter OneLorna Mercer swiped at a strand of dark brown hair that refused to stay tucked into her ponytail before smacking her laptop shut. The stack of books and scratchpads

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Dark Greed is Live!

Dark Greed is live!  Jealousy is evil. Greed is deadly.When a young man is found hanging inside a barn, it seems like an open-and-shut suicide. But the boy in question is none other than Bryce

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A Taste of… Dark Greed

A Taste of... Dark Greed Chapter OneThe heavy shot glass clanked against the granite bar top, causing more than one patron to jump at the sound. Bryce Mowery didn’t care. In fact, he enjoyed the

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