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Archive Monthly Archives: June 2021

Storm’s Wrath is Live!

Storm's Wrath is live! Hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned...or determined to stop a killer.Several weeks after being set up for a crime she didn’t commit and almost being killed by a fellow

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A Taste of… Storm’s Wrath

A Taste of... Storm's Wrath Chapter OneReturning the fuel pump to its holder, Willow Nowland gave her midnight blue Honda Civic a pat. She and the car had been through more than their fair share

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Autumn’s Chaos is Live!

Autumn's Chaos is live!  Guilt is a powerful motivator...Less than twenty-four hours after yet another near-death experience, forensic and criminal psychologist Dr. Autumn Trent should be resting

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A Taste of… Autumn’s Chaos

A Taste of... Autumn's Chaos Chapter OneSpecial Agent Winter Black flipped her credentials back into her jacket pocket and nodded to the stony-faced guard standing at the entrance of Virginia State

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