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Archive Monthly Archives: January 2021

Autumn’s Rage is Live!

Autumn's rage is live!  Revenge has no deadline...and endless rage.Dr. Autumn Trent returns to Virginia after successfully assisting the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit yet again. Part of

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A Taste of… Autumn’s Rage

A Taste of... Autumn's Rage Chapter One“Good morning.” Evelyn Walker smiled warmly at the man sitting on the sterile looking steel-framed bed. She picked up Gerard Helmsey’s tray from her

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Storm’s Fury is Live!

Storm's Fury is live!  Some storms destroy. Others clear a path.Military veteran Amelia Storm returns to her hometown of Chicago when her beloved police officer brother is killed in the line

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A Taste of… Storm’s Fury

A Taste of... Storm's Fury Chapter OneLeila Jackson’s stomach growled as she poured what little of the off-brand shredded wheat cereal was left—crumbs and all—into her plastic bowl and sank

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