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Archive Monthly Archives: October 2020

Cold Shadows is Live!

Cold shadows is live!  The book readers have been clamoring for is finally live!The deadliest monsters live outside the shadows...Katarina, The Master’s protégé, is making a comeback one

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A Taste of… Cold Shadows

A Taste of... Cold shadows Chapter OneFifteen years ago… Marcella Davidson stood on tiptoes to reach the cabinet shelf in the small bathroom, stowing the pile of bath towels she’d folded so

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Autumn’s Break is Live!

Autumn's Break is live!  Welcome to my bedroom, said the spider to her prey.Forensic and criminal psychologist Dr. Autumn Trent hasn’t had time to unpack her bag before she’s asked to join

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A Taste of… Autumn’s Break

A Taste of... Autumn's Break Chapter OneEdwin Gallagher wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.Holding a small, silver-framed photograph, Edwin leaned back in his chair and sipped at the twenty-year-old

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