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Archive Monthly Archives: March 2020

Winter’s End is Live!

Winter's end is live!  Sometimes, the beginning is the end.For thirteen years, FBI Special Agent Winter Black has been haunted by a man who performed heinous acts. Murdering her parents. Abducting

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A Taste of… Winter’s End

A Taste of... Winter's end Chapter OneIt was dark.I didn’t like the dark. The aloneness that went along with its presence felt like a living thing. At least the moon was trying to look in on me,

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Cold Threat is Live!

Cold Threat is live!  Don't miss the exciting new series some readers are calling the next Winter Black!Monsters hide in the dark until it’s time to feed.​Puppets. Toys. That’s all his

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A Taste of… Cold Threat

A Taste of... Cold threat Chapter OneThirteen Years Ago…Whistling a happy tune, Anderson Duncan paused in the parking lot and turned his face up to be warmed by the sun.Taking a deep breath of

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