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Archive Monthly Archives: January 2020

Cold Truth is Live!

Cold truth is live!  Don't miss the first in an exciting new series some readers are calling the next Winter Black!Say the words...In a dark basement, a cold-blooded killer pits friend against

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A Taste of… Cold Truth

A Taste of... Cold truth Chapter OneDark.Damp.Cold.Tabitha forced her eyes open.Joyful humming was like a whisper, and Tabitha fought to locate the source. He was there, in the corner, puttering

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Winter’s Storm is Live!

Winter's storm is live!  Don't miss the thrilling eighth installment of the Winter Black Series!They survived, but survival won’t save them.When the survivors of the massacre at the

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A Taste of…Winter’s Storm

A Taste of... Winter's storm Chapter OneBefore he stepped off the packed earth trail, Jackson Fisher cast a paranoid glance around the clearing. Though the moon was almost full, a handful of clouds

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