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Archive Monthly Archives: September 2019

A Taste of…Winter’s Web

A Taste of... Winter's web Chapter OneAs Nathaniel Arkwell stepped out of the garage and eased the door closed behind himself, he noticed right away that the house was far quieter than usual. Turning

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Deadly Games is Live!

Deadly Games is live!  "So far the best book in the series. The plot is original and I love this mixture of suspense, romance and quirkiness." --Amazon reviewBook three in the Kylie Hatfield

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A Taste of…Deadly Games

A Taste of... deadly Games Chapter OneKylie Hatfield sat back in her office chair and stretched her aching back. She felt like she was eighty instead of twenty-four. It wasn’t even six o’clock

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Winter’s Secret is Live!

Winter's Secret is live!  Here there be secrets...And, in the sixth book in the Winter Black Series, Winter and Noah both have a lot going on and much to deal with.Some secrets hurt; others

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A Taste of…Winter’s Secret

A Taste of... Winter's secret Chapter OneHorror movies always made Natalie nervous, especially if she watched them late at night. Though she assured herself that the unease wouldn’t follow her

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