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Archive Monthly Archives: August 2019

Deadly Lies is Live!

Deadly Lies is live!  Book two in the Kylie Hatfield Series is live! It's time to see what Kylie and Vader are up to now.Family is everything...unless they want you dead.​Emma Jennings is

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A Taste of…Deadly Lies

A Taste of... deadly lies Chapter OneThe colors weren’t right.Frustrated, Arnold Jennings tossed the pallet of paint onto the long table at his side. They hadn’t been right for days. Maybe he

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Winter’s Ghost is Live!

Winter's ghost is live!  Halloween comes early (sort of) in the Winter Black Series. Winter's Ghost is live and available on Amazon!It is the fifth book in the Winter Black Series, and

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A Taste of…Winter’s Ghost

A Taste of... Winter's Ghost Chapter OneTyler Haldane grimaced as the sheriff’s deputy fastened the final strap of his Kevlar vest. As he tried to take in a deep breath, his ribs were constricted

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